Animal Poachery

Bumblebee Frog Butterfly

♫ Song Frog Poem Notes *
© 1986..2009 by Andreas Wittenstein. Some rights reserved. (CC)

A frog croaking on a broken log
of soaken oak
in a soggy bog
throbs his throaty call abroad
through a smoky cloak of choking fog
to a throng of forty further frogs
to evoke a vocal polylogue.

Through groggy goggle-eyes he gloats
at bugs that fly or float
in hopes of coaxing grubs to gulp
to stoke his hulk and bloat his bulk,
to goad his friends the other frogs,
the tadpoles, and his pals the toads.

Asquat, moping in his frog-green frock,
he flung his tongue at a fly's last gawk
and leaped across the moat to plop
with loping legs in a slogging hop
upon a frond upon the pond
to frolic with the pollywogs.

Andreas Wittenstein

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