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♫ Song Bumblebee Poem Notes *
© 1985..2009 by Andreas Wittenstein. Some rights reserved. (CC)

A bumblebee a bum will be,
a bumbling, grumbling bum he'll be,
who stumbles, tumbles clumsily,
a-mumbling his ho-hum hum, hee-hee!
He fumbles, thumbles, bumptiously,
a-mumbling his ho-hum hum, ho-hum!

With jumbled eyes and winglets wee,
cumbrous thighs and nimble knees,
he lumbers by the tumbleweeds,
a-rumbling his hum-drum hum, ho-ho!
He rambles by the bramble-weeds,
a-rumbling his hum-drum hum, ho-hum!

His bulby bum with ringlets three
and stinglet numb may humble thee:
No dumbbell he, this bungly bee,
a-humming his hum-de-dum hum, ha-ha!
Some bundle he, this blundery bee,
a-humming his hum-de-dum hum, ho-hum!

Andreas Wittenstein

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Laura H., New Jersey, U.S.A.

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