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♫ Song Butterfly Poem Notes *
© 1986..2009 by Andreas Wittenstein. Some rights reserved. (CC)

Flutter by, butterfly, flutter by!

Prettify the countryside
with sputter-flights on shutter-wings
of butter-colored flakes afire
with petal-flames of floral pyre!

Flitter by, brittle-fly, flitter by!

Settle on a bud or fly
helter-skelter through the sky!
Fructify the flowers while
you bibble all the blossoms dry!

Flit on by, paper fly, flit on by!

Beautify the earth and sky
while shuttling by, afloat on high,
from nectar-vine to honey-bine,
never wondering what or why!

Bye-good-bye, butterfly, bye-good-bye!

Andreas Wittenstein

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