Animal Poachery

Butterfly Elephant Oyster

♫ Song Elephant Poem Notes *
© 1986..2009 by Andreas Wittenstein. Some rights reserved. (CC)

When an elephant blows
his celebrant nose
his funnel-horn drones
in eloquent throes
of mellifluent bellow-phone moans.

When an elephant grows
his tail-in-front hose,
he can smell if an odor's
of fennel or rose
through his whifflingly elevant nose.

When an elephant roams
his ill-defined roads,

a plentiful dose
of aliment stows
in his bountiful cellar-fund nose

When an elephant strolls
through his well-fountain holes,
his swelling sump-hose
floods everyone's clothes
with all-in-fun revellent flows.

When an elephant probes
his tilled earthnut rows,
the eleventh toes
on his velvet-trunk nose
can delve in and shell them in droves.

Well, an elephant nose,
as an elephant knows,
in the manifold roles
it will often pose,

is one hell of an ell of a nose!

Andreas Wittenstein

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