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♫ Song Snail Poem Notes *
© 1983..2009 by Andreas Wittenstein. Some rights reserved. (CC)

Whither slithers the snail,
whether scaling a pail
or sliding o'er leaves of heather,
he seldom fails
to besnivel his trails
with a silvery slathery slaver

When the weather is wet
and the sunlight is veiled
with the heavens all pale and adrizzle,
the sluggish snail
neither dithers nor quails
to lug all his cargo wherever.

When the weather is dry
and the flowers all wither

with the air all hot and asizzle,
he stops his travail
to snooze snug in his shell

and hold his escargot together.

Andreas Wittenstein

Great snail poem

Lynn Morag, Stirling, Scotland

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