Animal Poachery

Snake Swan Porcupine

♫ Song Swan Poem Notes *
© 1988..2009 by Andreas Wittenstein. Some rights reserved. (CC)

Swim, swan, swim 'round the pond!
Sweep your slow swale 'tween twin swells spreading wide!
Wend wondrous wound ways without once sway'ng aside!
Swim, swan, swim on!

Sing, swan, sing me a song!
Swathe me with sound whilst yon twilight sun wanes!
Whoop haunting wild wails longing, woe, for somewhen!
Sing, swan, sing long!

Swing, swan, swing your strong wings!
Flaunt your swift flings swooping 'loft 'pon the wind!
Waft soft wan white sails, wand'ring onward toward dawn!
Swing, swan, swing on!

So long, swan, so long!

Andreas Wittenstein

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