Animal Poachery

Hummingbird Snake Swan

Snake Poem Notes *
© 1992..2009 by Andreas Wittenstein. Some rights reserved. (CC)

Its nacreous slack-skein slough scarce slipped
'gainst scrape-snagged strewn stick stacks,
a slate-stroked streak scoots 'neath the grass
on silk-sleek slink-scute skin.

To slake stark pangs from six weeks' naps
it stalks meek meat steak snacks
with sixth-sense heat-pits' night-sight glance
and skip-sleep slit-stare scan.

Its naked snake's tongue sniffs scant sips
of scent-soaked stick-spit smacks,

flicks quick split licks twixt lips of glass
with a sly smug smirked sneak's grin

that gapes to sink lance-keen spikes' tips
in its feckless next prey, clasped
with slick-scaled stiff-necked snare's fast grasp
till its last gasp has passed. Grim.

Andreas Wittenstein

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