A Rose Entanglement Denial

© 2006..2009 by Andreas Wittenstein.
Some rights reserved. (CC)

A foot, afoot a foot,
their toes toed toe to toe,
led to an arm, that, arm in arm, disarmed an arm
to hand a hand, hand to hand, on hand
a breast abreast a breast,
that left, from left to right, to right
a head, a head ahead,
its ear turned on its ear,
which eyed an eye, eye to eye,
and, face to face, faced to face
a mouth, to mouth a mouth, mouth to mouth
with cheeky tongue held tongue in cheek,
then sighed aside beside a thigh,
akneel a knee,
to back back behind a behind,
cheek cleft to cheek cleft,
where, back to front and front to back,
up meets down and down meets up,
and in and out turn outside in,
till neck in neck,
head over heels,
their limbs all limp
from head to toe,
all come together.

Andreas Wittenstein

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