Animal Poachery

Earthworm Cockroach Duck

Cockroach Poem Notes *
© 1986..2009 by Andreas Wittenstein. Some rights reserved. (CC)

At dusk, as dark-cloaked church clocks peal,
the skulk-watch cooks' scourge peers
from uncaulked cracks and back-porch piers.

They cock both crook-arch search-stalk feelers
in oft-coached hush-clothed fear
of the cat-claw's scratch and kick-crunch heels

and with cautious quick-rush crouch-crawls steal
on criss-cross patchwork trails
for cake-crust crumbs and chuckroast meals.

As dawn each tick-tock clockstroke nears,
the cockroach poach crew clears
the kitchen crocks ere cockcrow cheer.

Andreas Wittenstein

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